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Become a volunteer

We are now looking for volunteers that want to:

♥ Play with the children at out toy-swaps

♥ Create inventions with the children at Retoy Lab

♥ Help the children at the give stations to write welcome-greetings to other children that had to flee to Sweden

♥ Have storytimes about the refugee situation and the possibilities for compassion

♥ Helping out packing bags with toys, welcome-greetings in different languages and a invitation to Retoys upcoming events

♥ Play and be a part of the activities with the children at the refugeecenters

Thank you for wanting to become a volunteer!

The children are the center of Retoy and that is why you as a volunteer is so valuable. As a volunteer you are not only a part of Retoys activities, but you are contributing to a positive and fun learning experience for all the children! We are always looking for new volunteers to our activities in Malmö, Stockholm, Göteborg, Hässleholm, Helsingborg, Ystad and Jönköping.


For Skåne, Gloria-Karin López, +46 761 729695

For Stockholm, Meyling Calero, +46 765 790030 meyling.calero@retoy.se

For all other cities, Anna Normann, +46 763 209016 anna.normann@retoy.se

Anmäl dig direkt!

As a volunteer you will get:

 An introduction to Retoys pedagogy, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and what it means to be a volunteer.

 Invites to inspiring educations and venues

To contribute to the growth and development of Retoy

 A certificate of your commitment and educations

 Practical learning and to have lots of fun with the children!

What can Retoy expect of you as a volunteer?

♥ That you share Retoy’s vision and values

♥ That you like children and have a genuine interest in contributing to a sustainable growth.

♥ That you feel a responsibility towards the tasks that are given to you and that you are a good representative for Retoy

♥ That you get in contact with your local co-ordinator if you have any questions or feedback

That you like children, play and creativity and have a great time with us, your happiness will spread to the children!

It is also great if you know different languages or have an interest in creative work.


We look forward to hear from you!