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Toy Swaps

Swap and create toys

At toy-swap activities children experience sustainable consumption by swapping, playing and creating with toys. Retoy hosts various toy swap events throughout Sweden, but you can also create your own activity at a preschool, library or special event by using the Retoy kit with instructions and material for arranging a toy swap.

Retoy activities are always free of charge for all children. Children can take home as many toys as they bring to the toy swap. At activities, each child receives a Retoy passport to collect swap stamps, and a colorful Retoy-bag to carry the “new” toys home in – made of 100% recycled PET.

At selected toy swaps, the children can also take part in Retoy Lab. In the lab, children give new life to broken toys using recycled material and their endless imagination! Creating new things from old increases the children’s awareness that all things around us come from nature and are designed by humans – and can be redesigned, repurposed, and upcycled. At some events, we also collect toys for donation to Heart-give.

Activity calendar

Swap Step-by-step:

1. Before the activity: children are asked to bring 1-4 toys they do not play with anymore. After the toys have been collected, broken toys and toys containing toxic can be removed. If children bring toys directly to the activity, you sort the toys continuously.

2. Children go through the portal and check in their toys. They get a stamp for each toy they bring in their Retoy-passport.

3. Each child put their toys through the recycling heart.

4. Together, the children play with all the collected toys to find new favorites.

5. When finished playing, each child bring their newfound toys to the check out and take them home. One toy can be selected for each stamp in their passport. The stamps can also be saved for the next Retoy swap!

6. Optional: Children can also create with broken toys, natural and recycled materials in Retoy Lab, during or after the toy swap.

Join the next generation of changemakers

By swapping toys instead of buying new ones, we give children the opportunity to break with excessive consumer behaviour that many adults across the world take part in today.

Swapping toys is a simple, fun and exciting way to make a change for the environment. All children who swap toys instead of buying new ones are contributing to saving resources and lowering carbon dioxide emissions, helping us reach the UN Global Goals for sustainable development.

Together, we can all play for a better world!