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Hooray, now the Retoy is here!

With the Retoy kit, everyone can arrange fun toys at the preschool, recreation center, library or at home. Together with Retoy, you become part of a movement where we create more meeting places for children to experience how fun it is to be environmentally friendly while learning about their rights based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. With a Retoy kit, the preschool, the recreation center, the tenant association or anyone can organize fun toy shakes, over and over again! 

Our Retoy kit contains an environmentally friendly interior that is easily built up of organic banana boxes. In the manual and instructional guide that accompanies you, you will find concrete and fun tips on how to best create your own toy replacement shale with activities before, during and after the change.

Want to be with? DO THIS:

♥ Do you work at eg preschool or library? Order the Retoy kit at the Blocket’s prize prize and get any number of changing bags to give to the kids!

♥ Are you a parent or adult friend of a child? Go with other parents and adults to buy the Retoy kit together, or

♥  Tip the child’s preschool here :

Tipsa om Retoy-kitet

This is how it works:

1. Before the activity: The children bring 1-4 toys. Once the toys have been collected, you can sort out broken or poisonous toys in advance. If children submit toys during the activity, they are sorted continuously.

2.  Children walk through the  portal and check in toys

3. Barnen lägger leksaker i lådan genom återvinningshjärtat.

4. Barnen leker sig fram till nya favoritleksaker på lekytan.

5. Barnen checkar ut sina nya leksaker.

6. Valfritt: Barnen kan också skapa med trasiga leksaker, natur- och returmaterial i Retoy Lab.

RETOY-KITET är ett konkret och roligt verktyg för att uppnå mål inom bland annat:

  • Barnkonventionen (BK)

    Alla barns:

    ♥ Rätt till lek,

    ♥ Rätt till en god miljö,

    ♥ Rätt till delaktighet,

    ♥ Rätt till utbildning

  • Läroplanen för förskolan (Lpfö 98, rev. 2010)

     Förskolans värdegrund och uppdrag,

     Mål för normer och värden,

     Mål inom utveckling och lärande

  • FN:s Globala Mål för Hållbar Utveckling (Globala målen)

    ♥ Mål inom hållbar konsumtion och produktion,

    ♥ Mål inom god utbildning för alla,

    ♥ Mål inom hållbara städer och samhällen

Svenska Institutet & Retoy

During 2016-2017, the Retoy-kitty toy exchange activities have been selected by the Swedish Institute to spread interest and knowledge about Swedish ideas and solutions for sustainability, circular economics and children’s rights.

Via  Sharing Sweden , Retoy’s activities will be arranged together with Sweden’s embassies around the world.

In October 2016, the very first toy exchange activity was conducted with the Retoy Kit at the preschool Kalinka in Skopje, Macedonia.


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